Sunday, October 29, 2017

Weekend Updates and Winter Curriculum

Singers, please read through carefully for information about the Winter Curriculum, as well as important updates.

- Sight singing factory assignment 1 due by 10:00pm today (Sunday).  As of now, there are still several of you who have not completed it, and some who have not registered for the program.  Email me now if you are having trouble.  It will be marked late if not turned in by tonight.

-  District forms and money are due by November 1st.  After November 1st, it will be first come first served until I reach the maximum number allowed

-  A schedule for November and December has been emailed to you, please look it over carefully and plan accordingly for your sectionals and district practices

- Please bring your Faure Requiem scores Monday, we will be turning them in

As of this week, you should have the following music in your folder:
- Star Spangled Banner (for Thanksgiving Pep Rally)
- My Heart Is Offered Still To You (Senior District Audition Piece)
- O Sing Ye To The Lord (Junior District Audition Piece)

(Winter Term Repertoire)
- Beati Omnes
- Famine Song 
- The Water is Wide 
- The Ocean 
- As Long As I Have You
- Nda Wana 

See you Monday!

Brian Raymond
Choral Director
Foxboro High School

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