Friday, October 27, 2017

Quick Friday Updates!

Singers, Happy Friday!

- Senior District Practice After School Today:
Optional--but highly recommended if you are serious about auditioning!

- Senior District Forms and Money are due November 1
If you do not turn in your form/money by Nov 1, it will be first come first serve until I reach the max 6 singers per voice part (per district rules)

- Sight Singing Factory, first assignment due Sunday by 10:00pm, (there are still 14 people who haven't registered for the program!)  If you are having trouble please email me.

- I am finalizing the Winter Curriculum this weekend, I will have a full update soon, and will be upgrading Dropbox with recordings, and providing a new sectional schedule.  Curriculum will consist of 5 tunes (4 of which are acapella):
- Beati Omnes
- Famine Song
- Water is Wide
- (Contemporary Arrangement)
- Nda Wana (South African Piece)

Have a great weekend!

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