Friday, December 7, 2018

Choir Updates: Holiday Concert Week

Choir Updates Concert Week (Dec 10-14)

Monday Dec 10: Soprano
Tuesday Dec 11: Alto
Wed Dec 12: Tenor & Bass
Thurs Dec 13: CONCERT DAY (no sectionals)
Friday Dec 14: Makeup Sectional

Holiday Concert Thursday Dec 13: Arrive at 6:00pm, Warmup 6:20pm, Concert 7:00pm

Sight Singing Factory:  Assignment #5 - Due 12/20

Tour Payment #1 - Now Due, submit as a check to "Foxboro Public Schools Music", all ensemble students (9-12) are eligible

Choir Holiday Party: December 15: 4-8pm (Speak to a section leader for details)

SAVE THE DATE: MICCA Saturday April 6, 2019

Upcoming December Dates:
December 13 - Holiday Concert 
December 19 - In-School Assembly Concert
December 20 - Caroling on the Common

Friday, November 30, 2018

Choir Updates December Week 1

Choir Updates Next Week (Dec 3-7)  HAPPY DECEMBER!!

- I am extending SRF Assignment 4 to December 7 - Please complete!

- On Monday, you will receive the Spring Curriculum music.  I will go over all the details including the part assignments for the Spring Curriculum in a separate email.

Monday Dec 3: Soprano
Tuesday Dec 4: Alto
Wed Dec 5: Tenor & Bass
Thurs Dec 6: Junior District Practice (last one before auditions)
Friday Dec 7: Makeup Sectional

Sight Singing Factory:  Assignment #4 - Extending to 12/7 (Bonus points to those who completed on or by 11/30)  Next assignment will be due 12/20

Tour Payment #1 - Now Due, submit as a check to "Foxboro Public Schools Music", all ensemble students (9-12) are eligible

8th Grade Concert: Thursday December 6: 6:30pm at Ahern Middle

Choir Holiday Party: December 15: 4-8pm (Speak to a section leader for details)

Junior District Auditions - Saturday December 8,
Meeting at Ahern 8:50am, we will return approximately 12:45

Upcoming December Dates:
December 6 - 8th Grade Concert (encouraged to attend/support!)
December 8 - Junior District Auditions
December 13 - Holiday Concert 
December 19 - In-School Assembly Concert
December 20 - Caroling on the Common

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Choir Updates 11/20

Choir Updates: Next Week (Nov 26-30)

For your planning purposes (plan ahead now to attend sectionals!):

Monday Nov 26: Soprano
Tuesday Nov 27: Alto
Wed Nov 28: Tenor & Bass
Thurs Nov 29: Junior District Practice
Friday Nov 30: Makeup Sectional

NYC Tour Payment #1 - Now Due, submit as a check to "Foxboro Public Schools Music", all ensemble students (9-12) are eligible

Sight Singing Factory Assignment #4 - Due Friday November 30

Junior District Auditions - Saturday December 8, will be leaving in the morning from Ahern Middle (more information coming soon)

Upcoming December Dates:
December 6 - 8th Grade Concert (encouraged to attend/support!)
December 8 - Junior District Auditions
December 13 - Holiday Concert 
December 19 - In-School Assembly Concert
December 20 - Caroling on the Common

Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday Choir Updates 11/16

Choir Updates Friday 11/16

Senior Districts Auditions -- Saturday (11/17), Meeting at 12:30
Best of luck to all the Foxboro students auditioning!

Junior Districts - Please email me to confirm if you would like to audition!  Turn in form and audition money by Thanksgiving break.  Auditions are on Saturday December 8

Sight Reading Factory Assignment 3, due by 10:00pm tonight (Friday 11/16)

Next Week:
Monday - Makeup Sectional directly after school 11-12
If you have missed any sectional since Voices and Strings, come to the makeup sectional Monday!

Tuesday - Pep Rally Performance -- wear your choir shirt!
We will sing the national anthem together as a choir

Vocal Jazz Ensemble - Tuesday afternoon rehearsal 12-1:30pm

Tour Payment #1 - Now Due, submit as a check to "Foxboro Public Schools Music", all ensemble students (9-12) are eligible to go

Upcoming December Dates:
December 6 - 8th Grade Concert (encouraged to attend/support!)
December 8 - Junior District Auditions
December 13 - Holiday Concert 
December 20 - Caroling on the Common

The video of the Voices and Strings concert is now live on YouTube!

Have a great weekend,
-Mr. Raymond

Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday Choir Announcements 10/12

Choir Announcements Friday 10/12:

-  Next week will follow the same after school schedule.  No sectional on Monday (chance to rest your voices before the evening rehearsal).  Tuesday: Sop & Alto, Wednesday: Tenor & Bass, Thursday: Districts, Friday: Makeup.  Please make sure to attend sectionals...especially if you owe one or more sectionals from past weeks.

-  Monday is the evening rehearsal with NAHS, please arrive in the auditorium by 5:00pm (you can come earlier to warmup/practice).  Please have your music, water, and try to eat something even a light snack before rehearsal!

-  Senior District Audition Priority Deadline (section leaders, juniors and seniors, and past auditioners) is next Friday. (Currently: 3 Soprano Spots Left and 4 Alto Spots Left).  Please turn in your registration form and $15 cash or check (Town of Foxboro Music).  Your spot is not secured until you turn in form and money.

- Sight Reading Factory Assignment #2 is due next Friday.  Those who haven't finished assignment #1 can still turn it in for a late grade if you complete it by next Friday.  After the assignment #2 deadline passes, all grades for assignment 1 will be final.

-  Voices and Strings Concert is less than two weeks away: Thursday October 25!  Make sure you have your concert attire ready.  Bring in money for ties if you haven't already paid, this should go to Jake.  If you still owe money for the T-Shirts or Dresses please turn it in.  Make sure dresses are hemmed and you have comfortable black dress shoes (black socks if necessary).   Make sure you try on your suits/concert dresses this weekend and have them cleaned if necessary.

-  Tune in or set your DVR for WBZ news tonight at 5:00pm!  A story will be airing about the Foxboro music program featuring some of the work of our Jazz Ensemble, Vocal Jazz Ensemble, and Chamber Orchestra.  Matt Light came in to interview as well as Ms. Tedoldi and a few students.  This should be an awesome story!  It will also be available online after it airs on TV.

Have a great weekend!  

Mr. Raymond

Monday, October 8, 2018

Weekly Choir Updates

Weekly Updates 10/8-10/12

- Senior Districts Practices start this week, turn in your forms and money this week if you intend on auditioning

- After School Schedule:
Tuesday: Sop & Alto
Wednesday: Tenor & Bass
Thursday: Senior District Practice 
Friday: Sectional Makeup

- Sight Reading Factory Assignment #1 is now past due—complete asap if you have not already done so

Next Monday: Evening rehearsal with North Attleboro HS, 5:00pm

- Voices and Strings Concert is October 25
This is just over two weeks away—make sure you are preparing accordingly!

- Dresses will arrive this week, everyone please check and make sure your concert attire is clean and you have dress shoes ready

See you in rehearsals,

Mr. Raymond

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Choir Weekly Updates 10/1-10/5

Choir Weekly Updates: Happy October

- I will unfortunately be out Monday, Mrs. Oberoi will be running rehearsal that day

- No Soprano sectional Monday please see the weekly schedule below:
Monday- No Sectionals
Tuesday - Soprano and Alto Sectional
Wednesday - No Sectionals (faculty meeting)
Thursday - Tenor and Bass Sectional
Friday - No School (Cookout at 5 at Ahern)

- New Students: please turn in your Blouse/Skirt sizes ASAP (if you have not already done so!) I’m going to place the order this week

- Turn in money for shirts this week

- Turn in forms and money for Senior Districts

- First Sight Singing Factory assignment is due this Friday 10/5

- Rehearsal with orchestra on Tuesday morning 
(Need leaders to come setup full risers and shells on stage before school on Tuesday, I’ll send a separate email to you about this)

October Upcoming Events:
Friday 10/5: Fall Cookout/Anthem, Call Time = 5:00pm
-  Monday 10/15: Evening Rehearsal w/NAHS
Thursday 10/25: Voices and Strings Concert

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Choir Weekly Updates 9/23


- Please bring in your money for the shirts.  Note the updated prices: Reg/Ladies T=$12, long sleeve=$15

- Please bring in Concert Dress/Necklace money by the end of the week!  Also need your blouse/skirt sizes.

- Make up any missed sectionals this week, you can double up if need be (we will be working on Kyrie and Credo movements in sectionals this week)

-  Cookout is less then 2 weeks away (Friday October 5), email me now if you and your family will be going out of town (otherwise I expect you to be there)

-  Sight Reading Factory will begin this week, more details coming early this week and in a separate email

-  Have you set up a routine practice schedule outside of rehearsal that works for you?  This is an important way to be staying on top of the music/parts.  If you need help with this, talk to a section leader.

See you Monday!

- Mr Raymond 

Jazz Updates 9/23

Vocal Jazz Ensemble:

Just a reminder, there is an important meeting Monday night for those students and families  interested in going to Australia.  Even if you are still undecided as to whether you are going to go or not, you can attend this meeting for details and information.  

On Friday there will be an in school field trip “rehearsal” with news coverage reporting on th Australia trip, some of you may or may not be interviewed.

This week you should begin ramping up solos and working to try to get more and more off music.  If you still have parts that you haven’t learned—you should set a personal goal to get that done by the end of the week.

Have you gotten together with your section to practice yet??

Looking forward to a strong week of rehearsals...the following week we will add rhythm section on Tuesday nights!

See you Monday!
-Mr Raymond 

Friday, September 14, 2018

Choir Friday Announcements

Choir Friday Announcements:

-  Continue studying the Mass in G -- listen to recordings over the weekend.  Next week (midweek) we will sing through the entire work 

-  Bottle and Can Drive Saturday 9-2pm, taking place at the IGO front parking lot!  Contact a section leader if you need a ride!  Stop by even if you can only make it for an hour or two.

-  Design a choir shirt:  Email your designs to Mr. Raymond!  We will vote on the design next week and start the ordering process!

-  (new students) Concert Dress letters will be going home Monday (and emailed home), you will need to bring in money and indicate your desired size for Dress and Blouse

-  (Optional) Music apparel order forms are available and money is due 9/30

-  Senior Pictures for Pin/Buttons will be taken next Tuesday 9/18 at 5:40pm at the Ahern Football Track

-  Sight Reading Factory assignment 1 due date will be pushed back a week

-  Update your calendars for the annual FMA cookout/national anthem--Friday evening October 5

Have a great weekend!  See you in rehearsals on Monday!

-Mr. Raymond

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Choir Midweek Announcements

Concert Choir:

Strong rehearsing this morning, keep working and practicing to get your parts learned!  See you in sectionals!

A few quick announcements:

- Sectionals are under way this week, please email me if you can't make your sectional and plan to come to the makeup

-  Bottle and Can Drive Saturday, taking place at the IGO front parking lot!  Signup sheet is in the choir room

-  Finish Dropbox Assignment//Turn in your syllabus sign off

-  Design a choir shirt:  Email your designs to Mr. Raymond!

-  (Optional) Music apparel order forms are available in the choir room and also attached to an email that was sent out, money due 9/30

-  Update your calendars for the annual FMA cookout/national anthem--Friday evening October 12

-  Consider joining Lab Jazz Choir!

-  Senior Pictures for Pin/Buttons will be taken next Tuesday 9/18 at 5:40pm at the Ahern Football Track

Have a great week!

-Mr. Raymond

Friday, September 7, 2018

Choir Friday Updates 9/7

Concert Choir, 

Thank you for your focus and energy this week!  We're off to a strong start, and I hope you are as excited as I am for the potential of this year's ensemble.  

Some announcements:

-  Please get logged in to Dropbox and access the "opening week assignment" and email it back to me (let me know via email if you are having trouble accessing Dropbox)

-  Listen to the Schubert Mass in G all the way through this weekend--write down a fact about the music or Schubert

- Get a Black Binder if you have not done so--transfer your choir music into it

-  Review syllabus/calendar dates and sign off on the last page and hand it in to me on Monday

-  Sectionals begin Monday 2:15-3:00pm: Sop-Monday, Alto-Tuesday, Tenor-Wednesday, Bass-Thursday, Makeup-Friday
ALWAYS email if you are going to miss a sectional even if you are absent from school

-  Please consider joining Lab Jazz Choir--it's fun!  Email me if you are interested and we can talk about it!

-  We will discuss concert attire and choir T-shirt designs next week.

- Bottle and Can Drive: Saturday 9/15, Sign up on the sheet in the choir room!

I'll be making a parent email list and sending out an email next week!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Choir Quick First Day Updates

Concert Choir:

I know you received a lot of information in a short amount of time this morning.  
Just a few quick reminders following up from this morning's rehearsal.

- Please log in to Dropbox tonight, follow the instructions that were sent to your email address (download the app).  Let me know by next rehearsal if you have any trouble getting logged in (either send me an email or let me know in person)

- Download the "First Week Assignment" from Dropbox, digitally fill out, and send it to me via email

- Get yourself a black binder for music

- Review the music calendar and syllabus, sign the bottom portion and hand it in to me next rehearsal

-  Sectionals will start next week (Soprano-Monday, Alto-Tuesday, Tenor-Wednesday, Bass-Thursday, Makeup-Friday)

- Start listening to the recordings and part tracks on Dropbox to prepare for upcoming rehearsals!

-  Consider joining Lab Jazz Choir!  Email me, we would love to have you join us!

- You are welcome to come to the choir room before school any day of the week

-  We will discuss concert dress, choir t-shirt designs, and sight singing factory soon

Have a fantastic rest of your first week!  See you at the next rehearsal

-Mr. Raymond

Friday, August 31, 2018

Choir Opening Day Updates

Greetings singers:

I hope you have a fantastic Labor Day weekend with your friends and families.

We are now just a few days away from our first rehearsal together! It’s going to be an exciting year with many awesome music opportunities and experiences ahead!

A few things you can do to prepare for the upcoming school year in choir:

- Get a black binder with folder inserts and/or pockets (along with pencils)
- Get a water bottle
- Read through the attached syllabus
- Look over the events calendar and sectional schedule to start planning ahead
- Look over/listen to the curriculum and start forming playlists on your phone
- Consider joining Lab Jazz Choir! Not too late to join!
- Look over the part assignments to see who’s in your section—perhaps reach out via social media and say hi! You can reach out to your section leaders anytime!

On the first day of school, you are welcome to stop by the choir room before your advisory. You’ll get a folder with music. We will go over a few syllabus and calendar items and then get singing!

Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you soon! If you have any questions feel free to reach out and I will get right back to you.

Mr. Raymond
Choral Director
Foxboro High School

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Choir 2018-2019 Summer Updates

Concert Choir 2018-2019 Singers:

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer!  I am excited to announce that the tentative curriculum and part assignments for the upcoming school year are finished.  The information was emailed to your school email accounts as well as uploaded to Dropbox.  You can also find a curriculum list on the tab at the top of this website.

To best prepare for the school year, I recommend you seek out a variety of recordings of the curriculum in order to familiarize yourself with the music.  This is especially true for our Fall Masterwork: Franz Schubert's "Mass in G".  We will be singing this multi-movement masterwork with a guest choir (North Attleboro High School) and our own FHS String Orchestra with guests!  It is also recommend that you take some time to do some singing (if possible), even if it is just light warmups and exercises!

For those of you who were in the ensemble last year and are connected to Dropbox, you can find sheet music and part tracks and recordings of the music.  I will be regularly updating over the next week.  (For those new to the ensemble, I will help you get connected to Dropbox on the first day of school!)  

Section leaders, I will be contacting you soon regarding our upcoming Summer Meeting Event.

More information will be coming your way as we get closer to the start of the year.  For now, I hope you have a fantastic rest of the summer, and I look forward to meeting you all on our first rehearsal in September!

-Mr. Raymond

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Vocal Jazz Curriculum 2018-2019

Jazz Singers:

The tentative curriculum for 2018-2019 Vocal Jazz Ensemble and Lab Jazz Choir is finished!  You can find a copy of this curriculum on the Tab at the top of the website and on Dropbox.  A copy of the curriculum was also emailed to all VJE members earlier today (school emails).

Recordings for VJE and Lab Jazz Choir have been uploaded to Dropbox.  Digital sheet music and Part Tracks are in the process of being uploaded.  Keep checking back for updates!

Please begin regularly listening to the recordings as you prepare for the upcoming school year.

I am looking for a few more members for Lab Jazz Choir!  
Anyone interested please email me at:
(or contact guidance directly and add "Vocal Jazz Workshop")
Anyone from any grade is welcome to join regardless of experience
(must be a member of Concert Choir, Band, or Orchestra to enroll)

Additional curriculum for Concert Choir, Treble Choir, Chamber Choir will be posted soon.

Have a wonderful rest of your summer, and let me know if you have any questions as you begin to prepare for the upcoming school year!

-Mr. Raymond

FMA Bottle and Can Drive

Save the Date for our largest fundraiser of the year, the FMA Bottle and Can Drive. This year it will take place Saturday, Sept. 15th with a Rain Date of Sept. 22nd. More information about this event will be coming. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Highlights from 2017-2018!

Foxboro Choir Students:

I hope you are having a wonderful summer!  Planning is underway for the upcoming school year!  Check back here as well as your email and on Dropbox often for updates.

As mentioned before, it is highly beneficial if you do some vocal exercises over the course of the summer as well as start checking out recordings of the Schubert Mass in G, our upcoming masterwork that we will be studying in the Fall for Voices and Strings!

In the meantime, please enjoy this slideshow: Highlights from 2017-2018!

Friday, June 22, 2018

2018-2019 Foxboro High School Music Calendar

For your early planning purposes, the tentative 2018-2019 Foxboro High School Music Calendar is now up.  You can access this calendar by clicking the tab on the top of the website.

The events, times, locations, and dates of this calendar are all subject to change.

Please stay tuned to this website for all Vocal Music Department related news and updates throughout the summer.  You are welcome to share any information posted here.

-Mr. Raymond

Thank You and Have A Wonderful Summer!

Vocal Music Students:

Thank you for a wonderful, memorable school year!  I wish each of you a summer break filled with joy, relaxation, fun, and enjoyable moments with friends and family.

I would also like to take this moment to commend each of you for your musical passion, work, and dedication throughout this past year.  The 2017-2018 vocal music year saw many incredible moments, especially the many memorable performances throughout the year!  Each of you have grown in all different ways over the course of this year.

I also would like to personally thank each of you for making Foxboro High School such an exceptional place to make music.  You are a community of inspiring young people who are thoughtful, creative, encouraging, and passionate. It is a tremendous honor for me to work with each of you, and I cherish the opportunity to help guide you in your musical journeys.

Have an outstanding summer, keep up your music work, and I look forward to seeing you in September! (and section leaders in August!)  Also, best of luck to all of the members of the Class of 2018 as you begin the next chapter of your journeys!

All the best to you and your families,

-Mr. Raymond

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Choir Section Leaders 2018-2019

I am pleased to announce the Choir Section Leaders for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year!

Please note: there will be weekly section leader meetings for all leaders of Choir/Band/Orchestra on Friday mornings starting at 6:45am sharp, beginning in the Fall.

Choir Section Leaders

Julia Perez
Anya Doherty
Amelia Stowell
Meaghan Christie
Giana Wigmore

Emily Kaeser
Shannon Harding
Anna Powers
Jillian Lavita
Maddie Flynn
Audrey Pollack
Alex Ledin

Jake Parkman

James Kaeser

Vocal Jazz Rosters 2018-2019

I am pleased to announce the current rosters for 2018-2019 Lab Jazz Choir and Vocal Jazz Ensemble.

Please note that these rosters can potentially change based on any adds or drops. 

Any student from Choir/Orchestra/Band may join Lab Jazz Choir in the Fall by simply contacting Mr. Raymond and Guidance to register.  You do not need to audition to be in that ensemble.

Vocal Jazz Ensemble will have evening rehearsals every Tuesday beginning the first day of school.


Anya Doherty
Grace Groves
Amelia Stowell

Alto 1
Emily Kaeser
Tessa Udden
Brielle Smith
Giana Wigmore

Alto 2
Alex Ledin
Kyla Gibson
Maddie Flynn (alto 2/tenor)
Audrey Pollack (alto 2/tenor)

Cole Hovey
Jake Parkman

James Kaeser
Dermott Conlon
Danny Isaza


Julia Perez
Meaghan Christie
Sarah Gaulin

Alto 1
Bianca Johnson-Perrone
Quinn Sweeney
Tiffany Gomes

Alto 2
Megan Groves
Kathleen Keaney
Autumn Wagner
Layla Newcomb

Tim Urban
Josh Freeman
Aidan Martin