Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Choir Section Leaders 2018-2019

I am pleased to announce the Choir Section Leaders for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year!

Please note: there will be weekly section leader meetings for all leaders of Choir/Band/Orchestra on Friday mornings starting at 6:45am sharp, beginning in the Fall.

Choir Section Leaders

Julia Perez
Anya Doherty
Amelia Stowell
Meaghan Christie
Giana Wigmore

Emily Kaeser
Shannon Harding
Anna Powers
Jillian Lavita
Maddie Flynn
Audrey Pollack
Alex Ledin

Jake Parkman

James Kaeser

Vocal Jazz Rosters 2018-2019

I am pleased to announce the current rosters for 2018-2019 Lab Jazz Choir and Vocal Jazz Ensemble.

Please note that these rosters can potentially change based on any adds or drops. 

Any student from Choir/Orchestra/Band may join Lab Jazz Choir in the Fall by simply contacting Mr. Raymond and Guidance to register.  You do not need to audition to be in that ensemble.

Vocal Jazz Ensemble will have evening rehearsals every Tuesday beginning the first day of school.


Anya Doherty
Grace Groves
Amelia Stowell

Alto 1
Emily Kaeser
Tessa Udden
Brielle Smith
Giana Wigmore

Alto 2
Alex Ledin
Kyla Gibson
Maddie Flynn (alto 2/tenor)
Audrey Pollack (alto 2/tenor)

Cole Hovey
Jake Parkman

James Kaeser
Dermott Conlon
Danny Isaza


Julia Perez
Meaghan Christie
Sarah Gaulin

Alto 1
Bianca Johnson-Perrone
Quinn Sweeney
Tiffany Gomes

Alto 2
Megan Groves
Kathleen Keaney
Autumn Wagner
Layla Newcomb

Tim Urban
Josh Freeman
Aidan Martin

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Choir and Vocal Jazz Finals


Concert Choir members are to record and email a final with the following requirements below:

- 1 Vocal Exercise of your choice through at least 5 keys (example: way-oh-way-oh-way-oh-way-oh-way "do-mi-re-fa-mi-sol-fa-re-do")

- 2 Major Scales of your choice, one octave on solfeggio

- Your part on "I Know A Young Maiden".  Please sing along with the track that has your part removed.  (Example: Sopranos - Maiden ATB, Altos - Maiden STB, etc)
All tracks are attached to this email, and can also be found on Dropbox

Your Final Recorded Assessment Is Due By The End Of The Day Monday June 18.
Recorded Finals emailed after Monday June 18 will be late and marked down.


For your final assessment, please select one jazz standard of your choice to perform for the class.  You will perform this piece during the "Final Exam" Jazz Choir period.  Please note, if you have a health final to take during the Final Exam period, you will need to perform your jazz standard on our last regular class period.

Some examples of Jazz Standards to choose:
All of Me
Like Someone In Love
Autumn Leaves
My Foolish Heart
I Thought About You
There Will Never Be Another You
Here's That Rainy Day
My One and Only Love

I will accompany you on piano.  I will want you to explain to me how you want to perform the piece (ex. one time through with a piano intro etc).  You will also need to count off your tune so you will need to decide what tempo you want to take and what style. 

Before you perform, please share with the class an example of one or two reference recordings, and talk a little about the tune (share details--who wrote it, what year, what style is it, etc)

Best of luck in all of your finals!
-Mr. Raymond

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Dropbox Updates

Choir and Jazz Singers:

I will be doing some updating of Dropbox over the couple weeks.  In order to make room for Summer and Fall 2018 recordings, all recordings of this year's music for each ensemble will be coming down sometime next week.  If you would like to keep recordings of any of the songs from this year, please download a copy of them this week as they will be coming down next week. 

To make it more convenient, I have moved all recordings into folders "Recordings 2017-2018" for each ensemble.

I will begin folders for current and summer music currently being read
(there is already a folder for Vocal Jazz Ensemble music "Summer 2018 Recordings")

Coming soon to Dropbox: 
- Recordings of the Fall Voice's and Strings Masterwork: Schubert Mass in G
- Recordings of the current Concert Choir repertoire being worked on
- Summer Vocal Exercises and Solo Arias to work on
- Information regarding voice lessons
- Additional information for next year including tentative calendar of events

Information for both the Concert Choir and Jazz Choir finals will be coming very soon

-Mr. Raymond

Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday Vocal Jazz Announcements

A couple of Vocal Jazz items:

-  Next Monday night there is a meeting for all prospective students/families interested in the Summer 2019 Australia Trip (for prospective Vocal Jazz Ensemble members)

-  Next Tuesday will be the second reading/practice session from 6-7:30pm in the Orchestra room

-  If you hear from a guidance counselor of any scheduling conflicts with your schedule related to Jazz Choir, please let me know about it.  We are almost always (99%) able to make it work to have Jazz in your schedule.

-  Make sure you are actively practicing using the tracks on Dropbox.  

-  Auditions begin next week!  Don't be nervous, be prepared and do your best!  I am looking forward to hearing each of you sing.

-  Once the final roster for Vocal Jazz Ensemble is announced, I would like to aim to get together for one rehearsal on the afternoon of Thursday June 14

-  Make sure to register for Jazz Camp if you are available!!  This is an excellent opportunity!!

Have a great weekend, and let me know if I can be of any help, or if you have any questions as we get closer to the audition days!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Jazz Updates!

Vocal Jazz Auditioners:

We are now about 10 days away from the first audition day.  By this point you should have the music as well as access to Dropbox where all the recordings can be found.  You should be practicing regularly.  

The first of two jazz practice and reading sessions is Tuesday, 6-7:30pm.  (Orchestra Room)
I am expecting all current VJE singers (non-senior) to be there.  
The second practice/reading session will be the following Tuesday (June 5), 6-7:30pm

While these practice/reading sessions are not required for anyone auditioning, they are highly recommended.  We will go over all the audition materials, and read a few VJE charts.  All are welcome to attend, including any friends or peers you have that may be considering being in jazz choir next year.

Please Note: for your audition, nothing has to be memorized.  While it may likely be easier for you to be expressive by singing without music or using it only as a reference, I will not give preferential treatment to those who memorize over those who have music in their audition. 

Also, it is required that all auditioning members register through guidance for either section of Jazz Choir, as well as either Choir, Orchestra, or Band.  When the auditions are over, I will work with guidance to enroll all students in the correct ensemble section (Vocal Jazz Ensemble or Lab Jazz Choir)

Finally, I wish all of you the best of luck in your preparations.  Please note that competition is higher this year, and unfortunately not everyone will be accepted into the Vocal Jazz Ensemble this upcoming year--some will be placed into Lab Jazz Choir.  Placement in the ensemble will come down solely to your level of preparation and quality of your audition in terms of singing the melody and harmony parts accurately and expressively, as well as singing a quality rendition of the "My Romance" ballad.  

If you have any questions, email me!  Hope to see you Tuesday evening, 6-7:30pm for the Jazz Practice/Reading Session!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Choir Updates May 21-25

Choir Updates May 21-25:

Monday - Seniors Last Day
Bring in breakfast items as we celebrate Seniors last day

VJE - Recording Session Monday 4:30-6pm

Tuesday - Chamber Choir 2-2:45pm

Thursday - Chamber Concert for Treble Choir and Chamber Choir  —
call time 6:15pm, concert at 7:00pm

Friday - Annual Foxboro Music Banquet for all music students!

- Mr. Raymond

Monday, May 14, 2018

Upcoming Ahern Concerts!

Below you will find the list of upcoming Ahern Concerts!  Please try to attend one or more of these!  When you go, you are invited to stop by early for warmups to say hello and offer encouragement!
Think of the incredible impact you could have on these young singers by simply attending, supporting, and encouraging them!  You will one day be singing with many of these singers!

(All Concerts begin at 6:30pm at Ahern)

Tuesday, May 15th (tomorrow) - 8th grade choir, band, orchestra, jazz band

Thursday, May 17th - 7th grade chorus, Ahern Singers, band, orchestra

Wednesday, May 30th - 5th grade band, chorus, orchestra

Thursday, May 31st - 6th grade band, chorus, orchestra

Monday, May 7, 2018

Jazz Week Updates!

CONGRATULATIONS to ALL the Foxboro Students who performed at POPS last weekend!!

Spring Jazz Fest Week Updates

Tuesday morning before school -- Need as many of you from Lab Jazz/VJE as possible to help set up the stage for full Jazz Choir/Jazz Ensemble set up including audio and shells

Tuesday evening dress rehearsal
5:00-5:30 -- RHYTHM SECTION on stage
5:30-6:30 -- LAB JAZZ CHOIR w/rhythm on stage
6:30-8:00 -- VJE w/rhythm on stage

Wednesday after school
2:00-4:00pm -- Jazz Workshop with Doug Olsen
4:00-6:00pm -- Dinner for all performers (details coming soon)
6:30pm  -- Warmup in Orchestra Room (LJC/VJE)
7:00pm -- Concert

After the concert we need to clear the stage of all performance and audio equipment!

Best of Luck on a FANTASTIC Spring Jazz Fest Performance!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

POPS Week Updates!

POPS Week Updates:

Thursday - Chamber Choir After School

Friday - POPS decorating in the gym, 2-9pm, stop by for any amount of time and help set up for POPS!  Pizza will be ordered--bring money if you would like some.

Choir bring Fruit/Fruit Platters for POPS (Saturday and/or Sunday)

Saturday - Call time for POPS - 6:00pm (5:45pm for Vocal Jazz Soundcheck) 7:00pm Performance
Sunday - Call time for POPS - 12:00 (11:45am for Vocal Jazz Soundcheck) 1:00pm Performance

- Tuesday 5/8 & Thursday 5/10  After School: Chamber Choir After School
- Tuesday Night Jazz: Lab Jazz Choir 5:30-6:30pm, VJE 6:30-8:00pm

- Wednesday 5/9: SPRING JAZZ CONCERT
(After school clinic/workshop, dinner to follow, concert at 7:00pm)

Monday 5/21 - Vocal Jazz Ensemble Recording Session
Thursday 5/24 - Spring Chamber Concert (Treble Choir and Chamber Choir)
Tuesday 5/29 and 6/5 - Vocal Jazz Open Reading Session
Thursday 6/7, Friday 6/8, Monday 6/11 - Vocal Jazz Ensemble Auditions
June 18-22 - Foxboro JAZZ CAMP for Jazz Vocalists
June 25-July 13 - SIMC Music Camp

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Weekly Updates 4/23-4/27

Rehearsal Tuesday after school
(No other sectionals this week)

Please turn in your Medical Form and Permission slips ON MONDAY if you still owe them.
We will have a mandatory tour meeting during Per. 1 on Monday starting promptly at 7:25AM in the Band Room.  All students going on tour must attend.  Bring your itinerary and a pencil with you, as we will have an in depth discussion about our travel. Do Not Be Late, plan ahead and try to arrive a little early! 

Please bring a copy of the itinerary with you to the meeting.
Concert Choir Repertoire for tour: Sanctus in D Minor, If Music Be The Food of Love, Son De La Loma

Very Important Vocal Jazz Rehearsal Tuesday Night 6:30-8:00pm.
Rhythm Section please arrive at 5:30pm to set up and run through music.

We will discuss and run through ALL music for Tour including Festival and Dinner Dance music.

Be prepared on the following songs:
Beautiful Friendship
Big Brown Eyes
But Not For Me
Lace Skull
Rollin In The Deep
Oh No Could I Be In Love
Breathe Again
I Can't Believe You're In Love With Me
(Feelin Good will be after Tour -- POPS and Jazz Fest)

Coming Soon...
Tour: April 25-29
POPS: May 5-6 (Setup night Friday, May 4)
Spring Jazz: May 9
Spring Chamber: May 24 (Treble & Chamber Choir)
Banquet: May 25

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Tour Meeting Monday April 23, 7:25am

Tour Students:

Please turn in your Medical Form and Permission Slip by Friday!

We will have a mandatory tour meeting during Per. 1 on Monday 4/23 starting promptly at 7:25AM in the Band Room.  All students going on tour must attend.  Bring your itinerary and a pencil with you, as we will have an in depth discussion about our travel.

In the meantime, make sure you are actively preparing and keep fresh, your music for Tour.  There are less of you singing per part, so every voice is very important!

I emailed you an additional copy of the itinerary, rules, as well as the med form and permission slip.

Looking forward to a fantastic 2018 Washington DC, Foxboro Music Tour!

--Mr. Raymond  

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Choir and Jazz Updates 4/9-4/13

Choir and Vocal Jazz Updates: April 9-13

After School Choir Schedule:
Monday 4/2 - Tenor & Bass Sectional
Tuesday 4/3 - Chamber Singers 
Wednesday 4/4 - Makeup Sectional

Tuesday 4/10: Choralpalooza Tuesday April 10  -- Schedule to be emailed separately (5:00pm arrival for FHS Singers)

Wednesday 4/11: Evening Vocal Jazz Rehearsal Wed April 11 -- 6:30pm-8:00pm
(we will rehearse with big band combined, also be prepared on Jump For Joy if you want to sing it)

TOUR-- Turn in your med form and permission slip by the end of the week 
Pre-Tour Meeting is Monday morning (4/23)

Coming Soon...
Tour: April 25-29
POPS: May 5-6 (Setup night Friday, May 4)
Spring Jazz: May 9
Spring Chamber: May 24 (Treble & Chamber Choir)

Banquet: May 25

Monday, April 2, 2018

Choir Updates 4/2-4/6

Choir Updates: April 2-6

(Sectionals this week and next will focus on POPS Music)
After School Schedule:
Monday 4/2 - Soprano & Alto Sectional
Tuesday 4/3 - Chamber Singers 
Thursday 4/5 - Makeup Sectional (for Sop & Alto)
(next week Tenor & Bass sectional on Monday)

Tuesday Night Vocal Jazz 4/3: 6:30-8:00pm

Next Week: Choralpalooza Tuesday April 10
Next Week: Evening Vocal Jazz Wed April 11

Coming Soon...
Tour: April 25-29
POPS: May 5-6 (Setup night Friday, May 4)
Spring Jazz: May 9
Spring Chamber: May 24 (Treble & Chamber Choir)
Banquet: May 25

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

FMA Scholarship Applications Are Due March 31st!


This is a reminder!  FMA Scholarship applications are DUE by midnight March 31st!
The application is online, and the link is:

This is an excellent opportunity to take part in a very low-pressure scholarship audition to win money to be used for musical opportunities (such as voice lessons!)

The actual auditions are a ways off, but the application MUST be submitted by the deadline.  

If you need assistance choosing an appropriate song to audition with, contact me, and I will give you some good ideas.

Thank you,
Mr. Raymond

Monday, March 19, 2018

Concert Week Updates!

Happy Spring Concert and MICCA Week!  Hope you are getting excited for some exceptional performance opportunities this week!  Make sure you get plenty of rest, drink lots of water, and keep listening to recordings throughout the week.

Treble Choir--Monday and Thursday 2-3pm (must attend)

Complete Rehearsal Schedule This Week:
Monday after school -- Treble Choir 2-3pm
Tuesday morning -- IN ORCHESTRA ROOM
Thursday morning -- ON STAGE
Thursday after school -- Treble Choir On Stage 2-3pm
Friday morning -- Regular rehearsal Room 122

Spring ConcertThursday March 22, Call Time 6:00pm
- We will sing with the accompanist at 6:15pm
- We are on first in the concert

MICCA: Friday March 23, Leaving After School (2:30pm)
- Change into performance attire after school then meet in the music hall way for departure
- Bring snacks and/or money for light food
- Performance times at Norwood HS: 
6:30pm (Concert Choir), 7:50pm (Treble)

Coming Soon...
Choralpalooza: April 10
Tour: April 25-29
POPS: May 5-6 (Setup night Friday, May 4)
Spring Jazz: May 9
Spring Chamber: May 24 (Treble & Chamber Choir)
Banquet: May 25

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Snow Day Updates: Jazz Band Concert Tonight 7:30pm


I hope this second snow day finds you and your families happy, warm, and well!

If you have not looked over your music since last rehearsal, you should set aside some time today to practice, or at the very least, listen to recordings/part tracks with your score and do some studying!  We are now one week away from our Spring Concert and MICCA.

Just a reminder, we will have Treble Choir rehearsal after school Thursday and next week on Monday and Wednesday.

Finally, just a quick news item.  Tonight there is a free concert happening at the high school!  Both Jazz Bands will be performing in a special concert tonight (this is a makeup from their MAJE Jazz Festival that got snowed out).  A guest "adjudicator" will be coming out to listen to the bands and give them both clinics right on stage as well as an MAJE medal rating.  This concert is free and open to the public.  Concert Choir singer Julia will be performing in this concert on Bass!  If you are free, please consider coming out tonight to this free concert to hear both Jazz Bands.  Concert starts at 7:30pm, and is ON despite the snow day today.

See you in rehearsals Thursday, please do your best to be on time (unless we have a delay)!

-Mr. Raymond

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Weekly Updates 3/12-3/16


We are now less than two weeks away from: 
Spring Concert (Thursday 3/22) and MICCA (Friday 3/23).  

(Please try to attend all if possible)
Monday (3/12): 2-3pm
Thursday (3/15): 2-3pm
Monday (3/19): 2-3pm
Wednesday (3/21): 2-3pm

Our accompanist will be with us on this Friday Morning's Rehearsal... please try to be at school if at all possible!

Continue regular daily practice over the next two weeks!  This will be especially important with a high chance of a Snow Day Tuesday.  

Junior District students -- meeting AT Ahern on Friday.  Please turn in your med forms and permission slips to me.

I will keep you updated as far as Choralpalooza makeup date.  We are looking at dates in April (both Thursday's have conflicts, so we will be looking at other weekdays).

-Mr. Raymond

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Choir Updates: Choralpalooza Week


Treble Choir:
Monday and Wednesday 2-3pm
Please try to come to both but must attend at least one...this will be a rewarding experience!

This week we have a major concert:
Thursday: Choralpalooza 2018!
Updates including call times and performance will be coming very soon

Tenor/Bass Sectional Tuesday 2pm

Coming soon....
Spring Concert: Thursday March 22
MICCA: Friday March 23

Let me know if you want any individual or small group help on any of the music, I or a section leader would be happy to help!

-Mr. Raymond

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Choir Updates 2/25-3/2


I hope you have all had a fantastic, restful, be enjoyable February vacation!  As we now return back from break, we have very limited rehearsal time until some major performances in March.

ALL Part Tracks and recordings are now on Dropbox—please USE them for daily practice 

Treble Choir Rehearsals
Treble Choir rehearsals 2-3pm starting Monday Feb 26 and all through March.  These are MUST attend rehearsals in order to perform at MICCA with treble choir.

Essential Performance Dates
March 8 - Choralpalooza 
March 22 - Spring Concert 
March 23 - MICCA

See you in rehearsals!
-Mr Raymond

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Choir and Jazz Updates 2/5-2/9

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  GO PATRIOTS!

Rehearsal tracks from last Friday are now posted on Dropbox.  
I also included "section" tracks along with individual mic tracks and one full ensemble track.
There will NOT be an Ahern Performance this week -- postponed until after February Vacation

JAZZ SCHEDULE (VJE & Rhythm Section)
Tuesday 2/6: 6:30-8:00 (VJE Evening Rehearsal -- Rhythm starting at 6:00pm)
Friday Morning 2/9, 8:00am (Performance for Choir, Band, Orchestra students)
Saturday 2/10: Berklee Jazz Fest (Leaving FHS at 8:00am)

Concert Choir Updates:
Sectionals (very important to attend!)
Monday - Sopranos
Tuesday - Altos
Wednesday - Tenors & Bass
Thursday - Makeup

Upcoming Performances
Choralpalooza, March 8
Spring Concert, March 22
MICCA, March 23

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Concert Choir Updates 1/29-2/2

Concert Choir Updates 1/29-2/2

Monday - Soprano
Tuesday - Alto
Wednesday - Bass & Tenor
Friday - Makeup

Many singers have not completed their Sight Singing Midterm!  Please complete as soon as possible!  You will receive at least an 85 for simply completing it.  Contact me right away if you are having an issue with completing your sight singing midterm.

Grades will be updated and posted early this week.

March 8: Choralpalooza
March 22: Spring Concert
March 23: MICCA

Friday, January 19, 2018

Vocal Jazz Updates: Midterm Week

Vocal Jazz Ensemble: Midterm Week Updates
- Singers if you don't have a midterm during the Period 4 time block on Monday, please come to VJE rehearsal (including all Seniors--we will rehearse during the Period 4 midterm block Monday 8:30-10:00- please don't skip it)

Tuesday 1/23: 12:00-2:00pm (VJE & Rhythm Section)
Wednesday 1/24: 11:45-1:30pm (VJE & Rhythm Clinic)
Tuesday 1/30: 6:30-8:00 (VJE Evening Rehearsal)
Tuesday 2/6: 6:30-8:00 (VJE Evening Rehearsal)
Saturday 2/10: Berklee Jazz Fest (Leaving FHS at 8:00am)

- Thursday's rehearsal mic tracks are now on Dropbox, listen to them and make notes!  We will discuss next rehearsal! 
If you want a track of your section combined let me know 

Concert Choir Updates: Midterm Week

Concert Choir:

- The Choir Midterm is a Sight-Singing Factory assignment due by next Friday.  It is NOW live and you can complete it any time you like between now and next Friday.

- Course signups for next year have begun at the middle school, now would be an excellent time to reach out and encourage any 8th Grade singers that you know!

- During Mid-Terms week we WILL have a full rehearsal during the Period 1 Mid-Term on Wednesday.

- There will not be any scheduled sectionals during next week's Mid-Terms.  However, your section leaders may plan student-led sectionals.  (After next week, we will be back on schedule)

- If you are free during the afternoons next week, please contact Mrs. Oberoi and look into stopping by a middle school choir rehearsal to help out/encourage/sing along!
Her email is:

Best of luck on your Mid-Terms!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Step-Up Night Monday 6:00pm!

Wear your Choir Shirt!

Sopranos - Baked Goods/Sweets  (nut free please!)
Altos - Snack Items (popcorn, pretzels, etc)  -- small paper plates for those snacks!
Tenor/Bass - Water/Juice -- need cups

Need the following songs ready:
O Sing Ye, My Heart Is Offered, Famine Song, Music Be The Food of Love, Ocean, Nda Wana

Tentative Schedule Is As Follows:
6:30-6:45, Student Greetings/Introduction/Warmups
6:45-6:50, Sing O Sing Ye To The Lord, My Heart Is Offered Still To You
6:50-6:55, Seniors Speak: Kelli, Faith
6:55-7:00, Sing Famine Song
7:00-7:05, Juniors Speak: Emily, Shannon, Julia
7:05-7:10, Sing If Music Be The Food of Love
7:10-7:15, Sophomores Speak: James, Jake, Anya
7:15-7:20, Sing The Ocean, Nda Wana
7:20-7:25, Freshmen Speak: Audrey, Giana, Alex
7:25-7:30, Speakers Come Forward For Q&A
Social Time, Drinks/Snacks Socializing

- Take the time to ENCOURAGE the 8th Graders around you -- find something specific to mention!
- Act professionally, be mature, be helpful, share your music, help those around you
- Communicate/reach out to the parents there as well -- they may/may not have questions for you
- Exchange social media with 8th Graders!  Make friends!  Make them feel VERY welcome