Sunday, February 25, 2018

Choir Updates 2/25-3/2


I hope you have all had a fantastic, restful, be enjoyable February vacation!  As we now return back from break, we have very limited rehearsal time until some major performances in March.

ALL Part Tracks and recordings are now on Dropbox—please USE them for daily practice 

Treble Choir Rehearsals
Treble Choir rehearsals 2-3pm starting Monday Feb 26 and all through March.  These are MUST attend rehearsals in order to perform at MICCA with treble choir.

Essential Performance Dates
March 8 - Choralpalooza 
March 22 - Spring Concert 
March 23 - MICCA

See you in rehearsals!
-Mr Raymond

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Choir and Jazz Updates 2/5-2/9

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  GO PATRIOTS!

Rehearsal tracks from last Friday are now posted on Dropbox.  
I also included "section" tracks along with individual mic tracks and one full ensemble track.
There will NOT be an Ahern Performance this week -- postponed until after February Vacation

JAZZ SCHEDULE (VJE & Rhythm Section)
Tuesday 2/6: 6:30-8:00 (VJE Evening Rehearsal -- Rhythm starting at 6:00pm)
Friday Morning 2/9, 8:00am (Performance for Choir, Band, Orchestra students)
Saturday 2/10: Berklee Jazz Fest (Leaving FHS at 8:00am)

Concert Choir Updates:
Sectionals (very important to attend!)
Monday - Sopranos
Tuesday - Altos
Wednesday - Tenors & Bass
Thursday - Makeup

Upcoming Performances
Choralpalooza, March 8
Spring Concert, March 22
MICCA, March 23

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Concert Choir Updates 1/29-2/2

Concert Choir Updates 1/29-2/2

Monday - Soprano
Tuesday - Alto
Wednesday - Bass & Tenor
Friday - Makeup

Many singers have not completed their Sight Singing Midterm!  Please complete as soon as possible!  You will receive at least an 85 for simply completing it.  Contact me right away if you are having an issue with completing your sight singing midterm.

Grades will be updated and posted early this week.

March 8: Choralpalooza
March 22: Spring Concert
March 23: MICCA

Friday, January 19, 2018

Vocal Jazz Updates: Midterm Week

Vocal Jazz Ensemble: Midterm Week Updates
- Singers if you don't have a midterm during the Period 4 time block on Monday, please come to VJE rehearsal (including all Seniors--we will rehearse during the Period 4 midterm block Monday 8:30-10:00- please don't skip it)

Tuesday 1/23: 12:00-2:00pm (VJE & Rhythm Section)
Wednesday 1/24: 11:45-1:30pm (VJE & Rhythm Clinic)
Tuesday 1/30: 6:30-8:00 (VJE Evening Rehearsal)
Tuesday 2/6: 6:30-8:00 (VJE Evening Rehearsal)
Saturday 2/10: Berklee Jazz Fest (Leaving FHS at 8:00am)

- Thursday's rehearsal mic tracks are now on Dropbox, listen to them and make notes!  We will discuss next rehearsal! 
If you want a track of your section combined let me know 

Concert Choir Updates: Midterm Week

Concert Choir:

- The Choir Midterm is a Sight-Singing Factory assignment due by next Friday.  It is NOW live and you can complete it any time you like between now and next Friday.

- Course signups for next year have begun at the middle school, now would be an excellent time to reach out and encourage any 8th Grade singers that you know!

- During Mid-Terms week we WILL have a full rehearsal during the Period 1 Mid-Term on Wednesday.

- There will not be any scheduled sectionals during next week's Mid-Terms.  However, your section leaders may plan student-led sectionals.  (After next week, we will be back on schedule)

- If you are free during the afternoons next week, please contact Mrs. Oberoi and look into stopping by a middle school choir rehearsal to help out/encourage/sing along!
Her email is:

Best of luck on your Mid-Terms!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Step-Up Night Monday 6:00pm!

Wear your Choir Shirt!

Sopranos - Baked Goods/Sweets  (nut free please!)
Altos - Snack Items (popcorn, pretzels, etc)  -- small paper plates for those snacks!
Tenor/Bass - Water/Juice -- need cups

Need the following songs ready:
O Sing Ye, My Heart Is Offered, Famine Song, Music Be The Food of Love, Ocean, Nda Wana

Tentative Schedule Is As Follows:
6:30-6:45, Student Greetings/Introduction/Warmups
6:45-6:50, Sing O Sing Ye To The Lord, My Heart Is Offered Still To You
6:50-6:55, Seniors Speak: Kelli, Faith
6:55-7:00, Sing Famine Song
7:00-7:05, Juniors Speak: Emily, Shannon, Julia
7:05-7:10, Sing If Music Be The Food of Love
7:10-7:15, Sophomores Speak: James, Jake, Anya
7:15-7:20, Sing The Ocean, Nda Wana
7:20-7:25, Freshmen Speak: Audrey, Giana, Alex
7:25-7:30, Speakers Come Forward For Q&A
Social Time, Drinks/Snacks Socializing

- Take the time to ENCOURAGE the 8th Graders around you -- find something specific to mention!
- Act professionally, be mature, be helpful, share your music, help those around you
- Communicate/reach out to the parents there as well -- they may/may not have questions for you
- Exchange social media with 8th Graders!  Make friends!  Make them feel VERY welcome

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Vocal Jazz Ensemble Updates

Vocal Jazz Ensemble:
Happy New Year To Each Of You!!

We have rehearsal THIS Tuesday evening, Rhythm Section 5:30-6:30, Full Ensemble 6:30-8:00
(PLEASE group text and send reminders!)

We are now entering a pivotal month of rehearsals as we prepare for Berklee Saturday (Feb 10)
- PREPARATION IS EVERYTHING!  You should be practicing your parts and solos regularly (daily if possible)
We have a LOT of work ahead of us if we are going to perform at an elite level, I expect each of you to be super focused and prepared in every rehearsal this month.

- Everyone including rhythm section MUST attend all Tuesday evening rehearsals leading up to Berklee:
(1/2, 1/9, 1/16, 1/23, 1/30, 2/6)
Rhythm Section will rehearse 5:30-6:30, Full Ensemble 6:30-8:00pm

- Rhythm Section, please be prepared and have the three Berklee songs learned and ready to rehearse

Soloists need to be chosen: I hope you have been practicing during the break. 
If we don't have strong soloist(s) for Rolling In The Deep it will need to be cut

- Every section should try to schedule weekly sectionals through the month of January
(I'm happy to attend these sectionals if I'm available)

- Clinic with Ned Rosenblatt: January 24, 11:00-12:30 (Full Ensemble)

- BERKLEE FESTIVAL: Saturday February 10 (ALL DAY Event) - More Details Coming Soon

If I need to miss a Tuesday evening rehearsal due to the birth of my child, I will notify you, and you will still be rehearsing with either Mr. Bush, Mrs. Oberoi, or another adult covering.  I will expect you to still rehearse at a professional level.
See you at Tuesday evening rehearsal,