Sunday, February 25, 2018

Choir Updates 2/25-3/2


I hope you have all had a fantastic, restful, be enjoyable February vacation!  As we now return back from break, we have very limited rehearsal time until some major performances in March.

ALL Part Tracks and recordings are now on Dropbox—please USE them for daily practice 

Treble Choir Rehearsals
Treble Choir rehearsals 2-3pm starting Monday Feb 26 and all through March.  These are MUST attend rehearsals in order to perform at MICCA with treble choir.

Essential Performance Dates
March 8 - Choralpalooza 
March 22 - Spring Concert 
March 23 - MICCA

See you in rehearsals!
-Mr Raymond

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Choir and Jazz Updates 2/5-2/9

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  GO PATRIOTS!

Rehearsal tracks from last Friday are now posted on Dropbox.  
I also included "section" tracks along with individual mic tracks and one full ensemble track.
There will NOT be an Ahern Performance this week -- postponed until after February Vacation

JAZZ SCHEDULE (VJE & Rhythm Section)
Tuesday 2/6: 6:30-8:00 (VJE Evening Rehearsal -- Rhythm starting at 6:00pm)
Friday Morning 2/9, 8:00am (Performance for Choir, Band, Orchestra students)
Saturday 2/10: Berklee Jazz Fest (Leaving FHS at 8:00am)

Concert Choir Updates:
Sectionals (very important to attend!)
Monday - Sopranos
Tuesday - Altos
Wednesday - Tenors & Bass
Thursday - Makeup

Upcoming Performances
Choralpalooza, March 8
Spring Concert, March 22
MICCA, March 23