Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Performances This Week

Wednesday: 6:00-7:00pm, Singing Holiday Music At the FCA Holiday Party
- Everyone is welcome! Please Come Out and Give Back to the FCA who videotapes our concerts!!
- I will have a packet of easy Christmas music for you to sing
- Casual Dress, No Sweatpants, Look Presentable
- Lindsay and Hannah--You can be a few minutes late to Jazz Band Rehearsal (Mr. Massey knows)
- Treats and drinks will be there for when you are finished!

Thursday: Morning Assembly Concert
- Make sure you come to school in concert dress!!!
- We will perform Vivaldi Gloria, Pentatonix, and probably Salvation Is Created
- After the performance, make sure you are not late to the rest of your classes

Thursday Evening: Caroling On The Common : 6:00pm
- 6:00pm On The Common, Immediately Followed by Nursing Home Singing
- Dress Warm, Make sure you are respectful and polite while representing the music program
- You will get a packet of music, help lead the community in singing!!

(Don't Forget Sectionals: Tuesday 12/15: Sopranos, Thursday 12/17 Alto, Tues 12/22 Bass/Tenor)
You will not be able to make up this sectional after the holiday break.

Senior District/All-State Prep: Wednesday after school
Sectional Makeup: Friday after school

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Weekly Updates and MICCA Preview!


This upcoming week is a busy one for many of you.  We have a few more performances, and we begin working on our set for MICCA 2016.  I have several updates for you, followed by video samples of our songs for MICCA that we will begin working on this week.  I will be uploading a "MICCA Mixtape" of audio recordings and part tracks will be uploaded early this week as well.  It will be very important for everyone to be working on their parts throughout the holiday break.

Weekly Rehearsal Schedule
Tuesday 12/15: Soprano
Thursday 12/17: Alto
Tuesday: 12/22: Bass/Tenor

Mixed Vocal Jazz Tuesday 12/15: 6:30-8:00pm

Wednesday 12/16: 6:00pm (arrive 5:45pm), FCA Holiday Party -- Leaders and Seniors only! (Carols)
Thursday: 12/17: Morning "Assembly" Concert (Pentatonix and Vivaldi Gloria)
Thursday: 12/17: Caroling On The Common (Caroling, Open To Anyone, Not Graded)

MICCA 2016
I am excited to announce our performance set for MICCA 2016.  Any of these selections are subject to change by me, nothing is set in stone.  As of now, these are the songs we will learn with the aim of performing them at the highest level possible.  I have uploaded some sample videos (these are just one example of each song -- please seek out as many as you can find, there are good and bad ones to be found)  I will be creating a "MICCA Mixtape" on dropbox of what I feel our some of the best recordings available of each.  As mentioned before we will go with two choirs (a full mixed Concert Choir, and an all-girls Treble Choir)

Christus Factus Est: Felice Anerio (Late Renaissance, Sacred Early Music, Acapella)
If Love Should Count You Worthy: James Mulholland (Contemporary Poetic Setting)
Zion's Walls: Aaron Copland (American Revivalist Song)

Spring: Eleanor Daley (Female Composer, Poetic Setting, Acapella)
Nuit D'Etoiles: Claude Debussy (French Composer, "Starry Night")
Sail Away: Malcolm Dalglish (Contemporary Upbeat Folk Setting)

Christus Factus Est, Felice Anerio

If Love Should Count You Worthy: James Mulholland

Zion's Walls: Aaron Copland

Spring: Eleanor Daley

Nuit D'Etoiles: Claude Debussy

Sail Away: Malcolm Dalglish

Monday, December 7, 2015

Concert Week Updates

Concert Week!!

First off, Congratulations to all the FHS/Ahern Band, Orchestra, and Choir students grade 7-9 who were accepted into the Junior District Festival on Saturday!  Six singers were accepted!

I hope everyone is getting excited for this Thursday's Winter Concert!  This concert will feature Concert Choir, Orchestra, and Concert Band.  Please rest your voices as much as you can.

- Please make sure your concert attire is clean and ready for Thursday
- Call time Thursday: 6:00pm
- All music memorized
- We will be on risers in front of the stage
- Invite your friends and family!!

Weekly Rehearsal Schedule: 
Tuesday morning: Salvation run-through with band
Wednesday morning: Full rehearsal in the auditorium with accompanists
Thursday morning: Vivaldi run-through with orchestra

Sectional Tuesday: Altos and Tenors (any makeups = Tues, Wed, or Thursday)

Mixed Vocal Jazz Tuesday night, regular time, 6:30-8:00pm

Tour Check #2 Due by Friday

Vocal Assessment 1 Makeups Due by Friday

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Holiday Party Reminder

Hi everyone,
Just a reminder for the Concert Choir that the Holiday Party will be tonight at 6pm at my house. Freshman are asked to bring drinks, sophomores and juniors bring entrees, and seniors bring desserts. Also, if you want to participate in the Yankee Swap, please don't forget to bring a present! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! Hope to see everyone tonight!