Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Step-Up Thursday Night

REMINDER: Step-Up Night Is This Thursday (6:00pm): Please arrive by 5:30pm to help setup!

SOPRANOS: Cookies/Brownies/Sweet Treats
ALTOS: Pretzels/Popcorn/Chips
TENORS: Cups/Napkins/Paper Plates
BASSES: Soda/Water/Seltzer?

We need to get the room clean and looking professional.  I will be looking for people to help make a couple signs as well as brochures to give to parents.

The order of evening will go something like this:
6:00  - I'll give a brief hello/introduction
6:05 - A few warmups
6:10  - Singing Grant Me True Courage and MLK
6:15 - Senior Representatives
6:20 - Singing Terrified
6:25 - Juniors Representatives
6: 30 - Sing We Are The World
6:35 - Sophmore Representatives
6:40 - Sing Sail Away
6:45 - Freshman Representatives
6:50 - Q&A
6:55 - Social With Treats 

If you have any questions -- Email me!  Thanks!

-Mr. Raymond

Friday, February 12, 2016

Registration Day!


Register For Your Vocal Music Ensembles For 2016-2017
- Concert Choir CP (Incoming Freshman Only): 0874CP
- Concert Choir Honors: 0875H
- Chamber Choir Honors: 0881H
- Jazz Choir CP: (For students new to Jazz Choir): 0876CP
- Jazz Choir Honors: 0875H

- Being involved in Choir and/or Jazz Choir is not only enriching socially, emotionally, and academically, colleges LOVE that you are involved with music!!
- Put in your requests early...that way we can resolve any conflicts
- You CAN take an AP Courseload (if you wish) and still be in Choir AND Jazz Choir
- Course conflicts can and will be resolved if we work together with guidance, we will ensure you are in the Vocal Music Program and still have a College Bound course schedule
- If you have any additional questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me
- You can and should invite your friends!! -- ALL are welcome!

Have a wonderful, restful, and fun February Vacation!  

- Mr. Raymond

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Choir Step-Up Night Thursday Feb 25

Choir Step-Up Night Will Take Place Thursday February 25: 6:00pm-7:00pm
Please be at the school no later then 5:30pm to help with passing out music, greeting students and parents, and setting up food/drinks/etc.  This is one of the most important nights of the year!!  I am going to include it in the gradebook as a grade, so you must be there unless there's a family emergency. Those involved with the track banquet, please consider stopping by the Step-Up night first.

The Format will look something like:
6:00- Welcome students, sitting staggered high school/8th grade (parents in the back)
6:10 -- Full Group Choir Warmups
6:15 -- Sing an 8th grade song or two
6:20 -- Sing MLK and Terrified
6:30 -- Senior and Junior Representatives Speak
6:35 -- Sing another 8th grade song (or We Are The World)
6:40 -- Sing Sail Away
6:45 -- Sophmore and Freshman Representative Speaks
6:50 Question and Answer and Social
Course Registration Begins Friday!  Please see my last email or the website for information on which Choir Ensembles to register for.  Email me with any questions.
Practice over Vacation!  Make sure you are routinely listening to the MICCA program music and actively working on your parts.

- Mr. Raymond

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Registration Time!

Vocal Music Students:

Course registration for the 2016-2017 school year is approaching!

I want to give you all the information you need to select your vocal music classes for the following school year.  Make sure you put in your requests as early as possible so we can work out your schedule and ensure you are signed up for the correct ensemble.  The sooner you put in your request, the better!


- Concert Choir CP (Incoming Freshman Only): 0874CP
- Concert Choir Honors: 0875H
- Chamber Choir: 0881H

- Jazz Choir CP (For students new to Jazz Choir): 0876CP
- Jazz Choir Honors: 0875H

Jazz Choir Meets 3rd Period every other day---opposite Gym/Health
If you are new to Jazz Choir, please start by registering for the CP section.
There will be two jazz choirs, a CP level ensemble, and an Honors level ensemble
There will be a Fall audition to determine final placements between the CP and Honors Section

You may register for either Concert Choir Honors, or Chamber Choir.  Incoming freshman will register for Concert Choir CP.  There will be no audition for Chamber Choir this year.  Chamber Choir will require slightly more music to be learned, an additional concert or two, and higher expectations including auditioning for festivals and/or learning solo literature.

If you are interested in starting voice lessons either over the summer or beginning next school year, please contact me and I will work to get you set up!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Vocal Jazz Important Updates

Vocal Jazz Ensemble:

I hope you are enjoying a relaxing day off and resting up for Saturday.  Please review the tricky spots in your music as well as the lyrics.

Important Announcements About Berklee:
- After some discussion with Mr. Massey, I have decided we will wear our concert dress clothes all day during the Berklee festival.  This will make us look professional and distinguished and will give you one less thing to have to take with you or worry about Saturday
- Please arrive no later then 7:45am in concert dress.  Along with jacket/coat/sweatshirt if you'd like.    
- Men -- striped ties from the fall jazz night
- Girls if you want to bring a separate pair of dark comfortable shoes to wear during the day and then change into more dressy shoes for the performance that's fine, up to you
- Bring cash for food ...they also sell tee shirts and sweatshirts 
- Don't bring any valuables unless you plan on carrying them around with you
- If you have friends or family coming, remind them it is in the Hynes Convention Center (attached to the Prudential Building).  We perform at 3:50pm sharp (encourage your friends and family to get there early in case we get a crowd).  Awards are later on around 6:00pm.  The festival is completely free to attend so encourage people to come!

-Mr. Raymond