Sunday, December 3, 2017

Vocal Music Updates Dec 4-8

Vocal Music Updates: Dec 4-8

After School Schedule
Monday: Sop & Alto Sectional
Tuesday: 2:30-4:00pm VJE Rehearsal 
w/Hale observing (no sectionals)

Wednesday: 2-3pm Choir Rehearsal w/Hale
(Rehearsing in the Band Room)

Thursday: Tenor & Bass Sectional
Friday: Makeup Sectional

HALE School Visit: Tuesday-Thursday 
Combined Rehearsal Wednesday 2-3pm
Concert Wednesday: 6:00 Call Time
Thursday morning rehearsal in Auditorium

8th Grade Concert This Thursday Night
Consider coming out to support!!

Next week: Winter Concert Thursday
Call Time 6:00pm Room 122

Contact me/sign up for a National Anthem if you are interested

-Mr. Raymond

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