Sunday, December 31, 2017

Concert Choir Updates!

Concert Choir:

Happy New Year to each of you and your families!  We have a very busy next few months ahead.  I want to draw your attention to some important updates:

Treble Part Tracks are now up on Dropbox, Concert Choir Tracks coming very soon

Sectional attendance is ESSENTIAL.  Please makeup any sectionals that you missed from the week before break.

SECTIONALS this week
- Tuesday: Soprano & Alto
- Wednesday: Tenor (boys) & Bass
- Thursday: Makeup

Senior Districts (Friday-Saturday 1/5-1/6)
- Make sure you turn in your Med Form
- You will receive an email with full updates on Tuesday (Bus will depart 7:00am Friday)
- Concert Saturday (Parent pickup after concert)

STEP UP NIGHT (Monday 1/8)
- Must attend event! Arrive 6:00pm
- More details to follow

See you Tuesday!  Happy New Year!

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