Monday, June 5, 2017

Weekly Updates June 5-9

- No sectionals this week--use this time to practice and prep for your recorded final

- Nows the time to schedule and register for your summer music plans! Register now!
Jazz Camp open to all singers (June 19-23)
SIMC music camp HS counselors

- Vocal Jazz Session, Tuesday June 6, 5:00-6:30pm

Voice Recital This Tuesday at 7:30pm (note the new time)

1) I have only received 3 Section Leader letters of intent.  If you want to be a section leader for 2017-2018, I am now asking that you submit your letter of intent by the end of the week (by Friday June 9) 
Remember, you must be a section leader in order to apply for an "E-Board position" in the fall

2) For your final assessment, I have uploaded tracks on Dropbox.  Please do the following:
- Record 1 Major Scale of your choosing
- Record 1 Chromatic Scale, starting on G (Basses start on C)
After the scales, record yourself singing either:
"My Heart Is Offered", "I Know A Young Maiden" or "Sicut Cervus"
Using the tracks from Dropbox

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