Sunday, June 11, 2017

June 12-16: Weekly Updates!

Singers, as we approach our final full week of the school year, I have some important updates for you:

1) Have you decided upon your summer music plans yet?  If you are available...have you registered yet?

Please Register!!
Jazz Camp open to all singers (June 19-23)

SIMC music camp HS counselors (June 26-July 14) 
Come and sing...whatever week or weeks you are available

2)  Choir Final Assessment Due in 1 week!  Due Date: Monday June 19th
Email it here or at
All recordings must have the following:
 - 1 Major Scale of your choice
- 1 Chromatic Scale (recommend all ladies start on G, boys on E)
- 1 Song with recording either: My Heart Is Offered, Sicut Cervus, or I Know A Young Maiden

3)  Voice Recitals Tuesday and Friday!
Jessica Hoyt Voice Recital Tuesday, Carly Rayburg Voice Recital on Friday (with guests from Choir!)
Come support your colleagues!!!

4)  Final Vocal Jazz Session: Tuesday 5:00-6:30pm
Good Luck To Everyone Auditioning This Week

5)  Create for yourself a "choir summer goals" sheet or journal
The summer offers a great time to practice your singing and listen to recordings without the intense commitments that you have during the school year.  I encourage you to set tangible goals that you can work on over the summer, so you can come in for September more advanced then you were in June.  This is especially important for new section leaders!  If you want your section to must improve!!

See you in rehearsals!  Let's make our final week count!

-Mr. Raymond

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