Friday, January 19, 2018

Concert Choir Updates: Midterm Week

Concert Choir:

- The Choir Midterm is a Sight-Singing Factory assignment due by next Friday.  It is NOW live and you can complete it any time you like between now and next Friday.

- Course signups for next year have begun at the middle school, now would be an excellent time to reach out and encourage any 8th Grade singers that you know!

- During Mid-Terms week we WILL have a full rehearsal during the Period 1 Mid-Term on Wednesday.

- There will not be any scheduled sectionals during next week's Mid-Terms.  However, your section leaders may plan student-led sectionals.  (After next week, we will be back on schedule)

- If you are free during the afternoons next week, please contact Mrs. Oberoi and look into stopping by a middle school choir rehearsal to help out/encourage/sing along!
Her email is:

Best of luck on your Mid-Terms!

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